Starting Fresh


At work, I live by the undo/redo button. If I could count how often I use it in a day I'm sure i'd break somewhere around five-hundred times. In short, certain tools in Photoshop don't like me. 

Sadly though, at life, there are no redo's and there is no undoing a mistake long since past. It's that whole crying over spilled milk thing. It happened, such is life, move on.

I'm sure this applies to moments in life that weren't necessarily mistakes. But more so just missed opportunities, missed connections, missed any and everything. 

In the past six months I feel like I've done a lot of missing. But In those six months I've also done a lot of growing. So instead of wishing for a redo I have decided to just start fresh. Nothing to redo and nothing to look back at.

With this new site and blog I am attempting to put my best foot forward. Sharing meaningful open content and some personal content of my own in the form of art and my personal writing. 

Here we go. 

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Chelsea Redding