Ignorance Is Actually Bliss

Seriously, it really is.

In my own situation, I'm cursed. EVERYTHING happening around me influences my mood and usually can (and does) tank my day completely. I get angry, then I get sad, then I spiral out, mope, and obsess. In that order.

These days the news is to blame.

The last time I've heard good or even actual news on the news was outside of my reasonable memory time-frame so why am I wasting my time scrolling through feeds for more police shootings, racism, politics and general crap?

You don't know either do you? 

Yup, thought so. So I've decided to completely cut the news out of my life. No more following news sites on twitter, and as for the people who tend to post negative stories to their Facebook? Unfollows and unfriending galore. But it did take me a moment to not feel bad about cutting people out of my feed. Though at the end of the day, they most likely don't care anyway.

My boyfriend actually started me on this path. 

"Why do you care about racially fueled news, politics, and all this negativity when all it does is make you angry?"

The answer had been that I felt ignorance was unseemly. As an educated young woman I felt it was only logical to at least stay up on current events. Being informed was always something seen as positive in people...but I'm not so sure my reasoning stands when current events do nothing more than piss me off. I don't feel informed anymore, just triggered. 

My mental health is my own responsibility and choosing to keep diving into topics that make me angry and uncomfortable only to appear savvy and educated might be literally killing me. I'm almost positive that this is how people die from stress. Not being able to cut off and step back from what's stressing you is bad. *slaps hand* Bad!

I've taken the time to re-work every feed I lay my eyes on. I wanted to see things that inspire me and make me happy.

It's ok to be honest with yourself and remove yourself from negativity. The world will not stop turning just because you took an eye off the news. 

And rest assured that if a meteor was hurtling towards earth, you'd know. That might be a bit more important than the latest lie told by our idiot president don't you think? 



Chelsea Redding