Hello Again

Let's get reacquainted shall we? 

I feel like it's been too long between websites and blog posts so it's necessary to reintroduce myself. 

My name is Chelsea. I'm a 25 year old self-titled writer and artist who makes money as a graphic designer by day. 


By night or on my days off I'm usually attempting to play a video game (usually assassins creed), drawing, or writing. On some days I'm planning for an anime convention or recording a nerdy episode of my geeky podcast. But I mostly re-watch television shows I've seen a million times with my three cats.

All around, if you couldn't already tell, I have a lot of interests. 

I've always wanted to blog as a means of communicating with people. Whether it be about the simple things or the heavy stuff; I've always felt like I've had a lot to say and no willing audience. My resilience however leaves something to be desired as this is my fourth attempt at a long running blog. I do pretty well for a while, like I did here, then I lose all will or reason to speak and write so things come to a halt. 

I'm working on that. Which means sometimes writing about the things that are heavy, how I'm dealing with it, and hopefully helping someone else. 

Recently, I've taken steps in a direction to become more whole. With the return of this blog and life happening as it does, my mental health has become something that demands attention. As I go through my journey of becoming happier and healthier I would love to take you with me and share what I learn along the way. 

Mom, Pop, and I

Mom, Pop, and I

What was I like before all this you ask? Pretty normal I guess. 

I grew up with my mom and little brother. Single parent homes really aren't that big of a deal guys. I survived age four to about now and my mom did marry again, but to no avail. My mom deserves love though, and she got it! My parents (as I refer to them lovingly now) got married in August of last year. Having two parents, even at 25, is pretty awesome. 

Seeing the woman who raised me be so happy is pretty indescribable. But maybe someone out there understands how I feel. 

This blog, by the way, is largely her voice through me. My mom is full of gems like "Keep it moving", "Get one good cry", and "Be yourself or be by yourself". 

I regurgitate what I'm told, mixed with what I experience, how I feel and how I react to situations. But keep in mind, anything that sounds crazy deep and grounded probably came from her. 

Graduation 2015

Graduation 2015

I do have my education to thank for some of my insights as well. I was educated mostly through catholic private schooling. Even my college came from the remnants of a Private Catholic institution. 

I got the joy of small class sizes, hands on teachers, and still almost completely hated college. 

Don't laugh. I'm serious.

I studied business for a year which is bonkers then switched to graphic design where I felt I still didn't fit. I finished (just barely) and got my degree, but something was just off. 

Enough about how much I disliked college though. High school is where I felt like I could open up to people. I experienced art to the fullest, a found my voice in my writing and my love for the craft, and I got spiritual answers you don't get when you're just following family to church every Sunday.  (yes, spirituality from school. that's private school for you)

I still credit a world religions course I took as a senior with my individual spirituality. Looking at different religions around the world and their histories allowed me to piece together something I could have faith in. I've mashed up Wicca, Buddhism, and pieces of Christianity into a nice warm bundle that I can turn to when I need to.

All around I'm a food loving, nerdy, creative cat lady who takes fan-fiction seriously. 

Am I a bit more complex than you expected? 

Everyone is. 

Being human is the joy of figuring out ourselves and the world around us. But I hope this little rant helps you understand me a little more. 

Let's finish this out with TEN FACTS ABOUT CHELSEA! 

  1. I talk to myself, like, a lot.
  2. I write fan-fiction. Nerdy yes. I'm 10 years in and 40 full length stories deep with upwards of 200 "dedicated" readers.
  3. My dream is to create a popular art/photography/literary magazine at some point.
  4. I don't take negative criticism well.
  5. My life runs on luck. Literally
  6. I've always wanted to be a writer or artist. 
  7. I hated college and resent the fact that I consider going back.
  8. I like to think my style is "free form".
  9. I'm not homosexual but I LOVE women. It's hard to explain. 
  10. I forget everything. It's why I'm a good secret keeper.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to growing with you! 

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