Anime Was Always Cool, Ya'll Just Late

It's very rare that I get so worked up about something, especially an article, that I feel the need to rebuke and correct it. But today is one of those days.

Twitter is my home social media, mainly because I speak openly, unedited, and unfiltered about anything and everything. It is also because I rely on the lightning fast network of people, news stations, and publications to see and talk about what's going on in the world. BUT YESTERDAY AFTERNOON I SAW A BLATANT ATTACK ON MY NERD LIFESTYLE! 

Broadly is one of my favorite online outlets to follow. It's a woman/fem-centric arm of Vice that embraces living life by your horoscope, sexual experiments, and smoking weed whenever possible. But I can only blame the sea of "cool" (basic...basically) white women writing articles for them without stopping to think about how dumb they sound beforehand. Basically they really need to hire a few nerds, a witch or two, and a touch more black women. 

Because this monstrosity, "Is Anime 'Cool' Now? An Investigation", is the peak of crap lies that float around about people who like anime. Apparently we're all hermits who live with our mothers and lack basic people skills. *looks around* I know for damn sure that doesn't apply to the larger majority of us. And I hate to say it, but I blame Micheal B. Jordan for this recent mess. It's common nerd knowledge that if your favorite anime is some popular crap like Naruto, Bleach, or DBZ (yeah I said it) you ain't no real anime fan; unless you got an oldie-but-goody backup favorite. Not that it's wrong to like something popular, but the fact that it's over saturated in Pop Culture and your favorite is suspect. He did however come out and correct the masses. He only said Naruto to soft-ball it for the anime uneducated. But then again....why even care about them? Their loss for being out of the loop! 

It gets worse when Kim K. gets thrown into the loop for getting hair inspo from a 2018 anime, Darling in the Franxx. Please people, she saw an image of a cute Japanese cartoon with pink hair and decided to get pink hair. CHILL OUT! 

Everything about this article rubs me the wrong way, starting with the author introducing herself as "not uncool in high school". Like, ok. You thought you were semi popular and that somehow saved you from becoming a complete loser when and if it got out that you liked anime. But this is where she continues to cover her bases; she lied about liking it and avoided admitting it at all costs. It even seems, as I'm reading her words, that she isn't still a fan. Possibly abandoning what she claims was an "obsession" for more popular pastures. 

Meanwhile the rest of us are glossing and flossing at anime conventions. Making cosplayers rich and famous and revering our favorite panelists as we hang on their every word about topics beyond the "cool person's" imagination. We get more emotion, closure, and better story-lines out of our "cartoons" then most people who obsess over shows like "The Bachelor" or "Real Housewives". 

It's this part of the population, you know, the people who only care about things celebrities care about that ruin things for true fans and people who want to become true fans. Following a Kim K blindly because she liked some cute pink hair turns our world toxic. Our gatherings, conventions, and parties then become invaded by those we call "normies" (if you need an explanation, you are one). We aren't trying to put up a wall and keep people out, but you need to be sincere and possibly know the password. What we are tired of are people who claim to be fans or in the loop only to look down their noses at those of us who may in fact be a little weird. Those of us that do possibly live at home and/or have some social anxiety are eased by the fact that our community is so nurturing and real. The last thing we want are culture vultures sneering at us in our own house. 

I dove headfirst into manga in high school (shout out to Tokyo Mew Mew; my first Manga) and fell into anime leading into high school. It wasn't a dark secret, it wasn't my secret shame. I managed to be a anime nerd, theatre kid, cheerleader, and art honor student all at the same time. Last time I checked, I was cool as hell! 

So if you seriously have to ask if anime is cool now; maybe it's not for you. Because it was always cool, ya'll just late.